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Network Cable Design

Photo of network cables

Whether you're building a new network for your business or just adding a few new computers, Tech Valley's fully qualified engineers can help you design and implement your network topology. We'll help decide which type of cable to use as well as the devices that connects to the cabling. Consultation and advice is free ensuring a complete solution that protects your IT investment. We only use trained engineers for your CAT3, 5e and 6 installations. Each installation is tested, documented and mapped, then returned to you for your records.

Some things you need to know about network cabling:

To guarantee that network cable transmissions are running efficiently and effectively, the industry bodies have set standards; Tech Valley Networking abides by these standards when installing and designing your network. All cable installations must be certified to these standards, via testing after installation. Once completed the test results should pass these standards and be given to you.

The Design: The design of your network structure is very important. Without a structured design, problems such as interference, future growth, new technology and management start to become an economic issue. Guided again by industry standards a proper design will help ensure that the cabling system will be application independent, reduce long term building operation costs and last more than ten years.

The Installation: Installing a few cables may sound easy, but when important business data has to travel at its highest speed, how the cable is laid, where it is most susceptible and how it is terminated will dictate performance. Cable and installations do have determined guidelines by manufacturer and industry standards.