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What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, creates a secure Internet connection between your desktop or laptop and the network at your workplace. This link is a secure virtual link between you and the host network utilizing today's strong encryption technologies. Through a VPN workers can connect to central resources like printers, shared network folders or drives and e-mail servers that normally are only available in one location.

How would a VPN benefit my organization?

This is a great solution for many companies with mobile workers, telecommuters, branch offices and partners. They can quickly benefit from the use of a VPN by providing access to your business resources while on trips, off site meetings or even the occasional employee who needs to work from home. In the past telephone connections provided a similar service but were far less reliable and proved to be expensive to maintain.

Companies can now get the same benefits of having a private network without the expensive infrastructure costs. To users and network administrators, distant sites are treated as though they were directly connected and sitting right next to one another.

With a VPN an organization can serve the remote networking needs of hundreds or thousands of remote clients and branch offices by supplying an affordable, efficient, managed link with your in-house systems. Companies sharing information with remote users can be confident in the knowledge of a secure connection keeping information and resources out of the reach of competitors.