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Virus Protection

Over the last few years, viruses have taken the IT community by storm. Email worms, spamming worms, and trojans cause countless problems with computer systems. Many people think they are immune to viruses because they are small businesses or home users. Unfortunately, it is as easy as being on someone else's email list. If that person gets a virus, there's a good chance it could spread through email to all their contacts.

Viruses can spread via email, across network shares, and other open ports on your computer or firewall. If a computer is connected to the rest of the world via telephone or network access, it is a potential host for a virus. Taking strong measures to prevent viruses can drastically reduce your chances of infection. Merely having a virus-scanner is not enough. The virus definition files must also be kept up-to-date, network share permissions must be appropriately set, etc.

There are many different vendors of Antivirus software, and you are probably wondering which one is the best. There is unfortunately no simple answer to that question. Whichever solution you choose for your computer or office make sure of the following specifications:

    The software can automatically update itself
    The vendor provides updated virus definitions regularly
    The software can integrate into your email program
    Virus scans can be scheduled to run automatically
    The software has a proven track record
    The vendor releases timely and accurate information about new viruses

If you suspect you that you have a virus or you need help with purchasing Antivirus software contact Tech Valley Networking. We will be happy to recommend and implement a solution that will fit your organizations needs.