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Photo of melted harddrive
Data Recovery

Tech Valley Networking Services uses state-of-the-art tools to assist you in recovering your data. As the Capital District's leader in data recovery services, we have over a 95% success rate in recovering lost data. Whether your hard drive crashed, it was reformatted, or an important e-mail was accidentally deleted, chances are we can recover your lost data.

Data loss can be caused by hardware failure, software error, human error, natural disaster, or unnatural disaster (robbery, hackers, viruses). It is difficult to put a dollar cost on data loss, but the figure can be astronomical.

If you believe that your drive has failed or is failing, turn off your computer. Leaving it on or trying to repair it using a software repair utility will only stress the drive and make it harder to recover the data and lead to permanent data loss. Most of these utilities only fix logical errors on the disk and are not equipped to handle mechanical or electrical problems, so running these utilities will only destroy the disk further.

If you lost your member database or pictures of your kids (who can put a price on that!) contact us. We will provide you with an estimated cost and take some of the worry out of your life!

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